Agro science, Production
Family of robotic platforms for high-capacity production


Family of robotic platforms with multiple modules for plant research, screening crop development and cutting-edge farming. The system is designed to reduce man hours involved with the tedious task of sample preparation, as well as providing consistency and automatic data logging. The user need only enter a sequence of tasks before the system will complete the fully configurable process.

Key Features

  • Mobile platform for screening of plant
  • Self-navigation safety systems allows obstacle detection and autonomous route conection.
  • Continuous operation 24/7 without need for break or holiday
  • Flexible functionality

  • Plant Handling
  • AI object recognition by QR code labels
  • Large database storage system
  • Configurable imaging sensors

Agro science, Production

The modules that are included are: grinder; centrifuge, vortexer, sonicator, liquid dispenser, liquid transfer, powder feeder, dryer and incubator. Please not this list is not exhaustive of the system’s potential – further modules could be integrated on request.

Preparation runs of 50+ hours are achievable, as well as the capability to work with various sizes of consumables. Different process modes mean that multiple preparation steps can be performed simultaneously, thus increasing system throughput and versatility.

Automated mapping of working space with on-board lasers. Perfect solution for the automated high-precision plant image-based monitoring of plants with different height with no facility modifications. Robotic platforms are most usefull in grenhouses or growth chambers. Different imaging sensors can be integrate for comprehensive automated plant morphological and physiological monitoring. PSI Robotics are configurable and easy-to-move.